How video marketing can change your life

In the hustling world we are now a part of, it’s pivotal to find fresh, distinctive ways to make your product or service noticeable. It stands true for product marketing, where masses of marketers compete for your prospect’s notice.

What is video marketing? Video marketing is nothing new-fangled, but it’s positively proving to be an influential, operative part of any marketing approach. And videos are the ultimate product promotion tool for anyone looking to expand their business to reach potential clients. Let’s dig deeper into why a video marketing strategy can change your life.

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What are the Benefits of Video Marketing and Why Does Video Content Bring More Purchases than Written Content?

Videos quickly grab some attention since we naturally see visual cues better than written transcripts. From birth to adolescence, we utilize our senses to discover the world and make sense of our environments.

Our observation abilities develop by hearing, touching, seeing, sniffing, and savoring. Youngsters and adults learn and handle information more effectively by using their senses.

For that reason, parents are counseled to take little babies on recurrent getaways in miscellaneous environments. Similarly, cribs and pushchairs are tailored with toys in positive and different colors.

Therefore, there are loads of advantages to using videos for brand management. Let’s see a few:

1. More consumers are watching videos

Video content is spreading, and it is pertinent and entertaining. Actually, the second biggest search engine internationally is YouTube, following Google. There are around 1.9 billion regular users on YouTube – enormous. That’s nearly one-third of all internet users and signifies more than a billion hours of YouTube promotion viewed daily.

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It is just to let you know the size of the market you’re competing in. You have the chance to interact with a massive group of possible customers by implementing video marketing into your stratagem.

Naturally, you’re not going to get over a billion hours of viewed content daily. But you’ll see much more communication if you take advantage of the video. For instance, according to stats, adding videos to your product pages can upsurge buying decisions by 144%.

2. Video matches marketing approaches

What’s wonderful about video marketing is it can flawlessly complement your existing marketing strategy. You can change those blogs into a video format if you’re presently doing blogs. And you can even put in additional content in the form of a video.

Useful how-to blogs can be turned into how-to videos. It proposes to your audience one more way of interacting with you. And it decodes your content into a new widespread format.

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3. Optimized videos are effortlessly located by Google

If you take the time to make and optimize your videos for Google, you can fetch organic traffic to them. It means selecting the correct video platform, making an attractive thumbnail, and making unquestionable the page it’s on is pertinent and SEO optimized. You can write attention-grabbing titles and explanations! It might seem like a hassle, but it’s definitely worth it.

If you’re adding content to YouTube, you can take in links to your videos and video account. This is just one more example of how video can help fetch customers to your website.

However, make sure you’re not overdoing it. Don’t put excessive links or advertisements into your videos. If the observer feels like they’re being beleaguered by YouTube video ads, they’ll become more unwilling to your marketing attempts. Also, they might even see you as an annoyance. And you don’t really want that at all.

Additionally, with AI able to transliterate video audio, search engines can utilize these transcriptions to determine appropriate videos based on a search effortlessly.

4. Video helps with brand image and customer trust

Video can provide a subjective, all-inclusive and appealing connection faster than text. But, these two means should be used in partnership. It is to exhibit your organization as cooperative, well-informed and social. Promo videos can really help you make an image.

If you provide additional content made by yourself, your coworkers or workers honestly and sensibly, you’re more probable to gain trust. That’s what inbound marketing is looking for. It’s about creating consumer trust and using it to generate long-term relationships. When all’s said and done, we’re not here for retail. We’re here to teach.

Employee conversations and BTS (behind the scenes) footage are remarkable ways of presenting the human aspect of your business.

These videos can create engagement and a connection between your business and possible consumers.

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5. Utilizing video makes you look like a contemporary business

Inbound video marketing is a contemporary means of elevating your business. Customers value businesses that are in the know since it means they’re still pertinent. And they’re still staying in the loop of contemporary strategies.

And over, the video doesn’t even have to be typical at the present time. With new skills such as live video, the ‘stories’ function on Facebook video ads and Instagram, video templates and more, you don’t need to make boring old videos. You can even search for virtual reality as an interactive video experience.

And 64% of marketers claim it’s been a fruitful strategy.

6. Using video, customers are more probable to buy

Progressively more people are heading to YouTube to be amused and to study. Some individuals go to YouTube ahead of making a purchasing decision. Video product reviews are prevalent since they give an understanding of the product. And they are typically truthful, equated to an advertisement.

It also works well for product videos fixed into the real product links on your website. Nearly 50% of customers search for product-related videos before buying. And four out of five customers say product demonstrators were useful in making a decision.

Videos of your products and services are favorable. There’s also the opportunity for bloggers, influencers and celebs to review your products on their social media platforms.

Influencer marketing is an increasingly fast online customer-acquisition network. And it is sensible to attempt to get your products appraised by popular personas. They’ll help to upsurge your audience and cultivate a predominantly remarkable ROI for your energies.

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7. Live video is progressively popular                

Live streaming through Facebook and Instagram Live has been utilized by businesses and celebs. It’s precisely as good as it sounds: recorded live videos. If you can do live filming well, there are loads of prizes.

One of the chief advantages of live video marketing is it inspires people to participate and write comments. This engagement gets people implicated. On Facebook Live, the person making the video can see the comments and answers.

Correspondingly, Instagram started IGTV, where one-hour-long videos can be added. In contrast, Stories have a time limit. With progressively more people using video content on the go, IGTV is a wonderful way to profit from this popular trend.


If your video on social media is attractive and appealing, users will want to send it to friends. People will forward branded videos to their friends if the video is amusing and dissimilar to any other brand video they’ve seen beforehand. This will sequentially upsurge traffic to your website! Social media video-marketing is highly effective!
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