youtube advertising & seo

Through some serious YouTube voodoo we will get REAL user engagement with your video… and YouTube LOVES real user engagement!

The secret to ranking well with YouTube advertising? Video Optimization and Click Through Rate (CTR).

Video Optimization – This involves precise tuning of the video Title, Description and Tags (as well as a couple other hidden factors) to make it show up in keyword searches.

Engagement/CTR –  The more people you get to search for your video keyword and click through on it, the better your rankings will become. Well, that and engagement such as real comments and real likes (and dislikes to keep it real) as well. The trick is to get the ratios right. It doesn’t help having millions of views, with no shares on social networks or Likes or Comments. You have to have it all and that’s exactly what we provide.

Video Optimization and 100% REAL YouTube Views,
Likes/Dislikes, Shares, Comments & Subscribers

Simply let us know how many VIEWS (min. 1000 & max. 1,000,000) and ENGAGEMENT – likes, shares, comments, subscribers (min. 100 & max. 1000) – you would like and we will make it happen!